Going Deeper

Resources for small discipleship groups (1-2-1s, 1-2-2s, prayer triplets)

Bible Reading:

  • The ‘For You’ series. E.g. Proverbs for you, Kathleen Nielson
  • Hope for all the earth, Mitchell Chase (Old Testament overview in 8 chapters)
  • The Word one to one (studies in John’s Gospel)
  • One 2 One, Andrew Cornes (The Good Book Company) – studies in different books of the Bible.
  • Podcast: Gospel in Life (all Tim Keller’s sermons are now free!)
  • Podcast: Trusting the Bible (Tyndale House)

Devotional Reading:

  • Gentle Rain on Tender Grass, Sharon James (daily readings from the Pentateuch)
  • Unlocking Mark’s Gospel, Ruth Bridcut (daily readings in Mark)

Christian Living:

  • Side by side (practical guidance on loving others well)
  • Real Change (Gospel transformation from the inside out)
  • Podcast: Persuasive Evangelism Podcast (PEP)
  • Podcast: Speak Life (Christian perspective on current affairs)
  • Podcast: Table Talk (Connecting culture and Christianity)
  • Podcast: Faith in Kids – Parents podcast (not the kids one!)


Discipleship Explored – 8-week course through Philippians thinking about the joys and challenges of following Jesus. Includes videos to watch.

Identity (Lee McMunn) – 7-week course examining John’s gospel about who we are and who God is. Each session also addresses a popular question about Christianity (e.g: Why do we suffer?) Includes videos to watch.

So Many Questions – how to answer common questions about Christianity. Includes videos to watch.